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Join the student movement to help bring safe, renewable, reliable energy to the 1.6 billion people in the world living without electricity.

Photo: Michael Tsegaye

Your membership will help deliver life-changing Little Sun solar lamps into the hands of young people without access to electricity. With solar light, students gain extra study hours in the evening without having to rely on toxic and dangerous kerosene lamps or expensive battery flashlights.

Join Us

Deliver solar power to a student struggling with no access to electricity 


$1 = 220 Light Hours

Sponsor any amount

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$10 = 5,500 Light Hours 

100% of your contribution, plus Little Sun Rising's contribution, funds a lamp for an off-grid student. You receive a handmade bracelet to show your support.


$31 = 5,500 Light Hours 

Purchase a Little Sun lamp for yourself and a matching lamp goes to Little Sun partners in rural Africa.

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