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Our Challenge: 

What can we do in the on-grid world to help deliver the power of the sun to students and families living off-grid, without electricity?



Sponsor Solar Power

Join Us

Deliver solar power to a student struggling in the dark without access to electricity 


$1 = 220 Light Hours

Sponsor any amount

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$10 = 5,500 Light Hours 

100% of your contribution plus Little Sun Rising's contribution, funds a lamp for an off-grid student. You receive a handmade bracelet to show your support.


$31 = 5,500 Light Hours 

Purchase a Little Sun lamp for yourself and a matching lamp goes to Little Sun partners in rural Africa.

The Little Sun Rising Bracelet

(Including taxes)

Put life-changing solar into the hands of a young person, struggling in the dark with no electricity, and receive a hand-made Little Sun Rising bracelet.


Little Sun bracelets were designed by Relate Not-for-Profit in Cape Town to represent a solar lamp. 


  • 100% of the proceeds of selling the bracelets will go to fund solar lamps

  • Approximately 33% of the bracelet purchase cost has gone to the bracelet makers: our bracelets have already created jobs for young people and elders in South Africa

  •  Approximately 33% of the bracelet purchase cost has gone to Little Sun Foundation which will be added to 100% from your contribution to fund lamps

Little Sun Bracelet

The Little Sun Original Solar Lamp


The Little Sun Lamp


(including taxes)

The iconic high-quality portable solar lamp, designed by artist Olafur Eliasson, is great for the cottage, camping, festivals, the beach, and for brightening your home, garden or balcony.


Kids love the lamp - which makes it easy to talk about sustainable living.


The lamp features a dimmer, making it easy to adjust for brightness and number of hours of light resulting from a day-light charge.


For every Little Sun lamp sold, a matching lamp goes to Little Sun's partners in rural Africa.

Solar Lamp
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